Erasmus adventures in Jyväskylä, Finland

Choosing the destination

I started to just lightly look for the countries, which could be interesting for me. (Un)luckily my faculty offers possibility to go to almost every European country and also to Asia. By this plenty of opportunities, choosing one was even harder for me 🙂

But after crossing out some countries I decided to not to detaily compare the rest, but choose according to what I´ve heard about one of them… FINLAND! I had many friends on Erasmus there and also I met some Finnish people in my city. I liked almost everything what I´ve heard from them.


Flag of Finland



  • a lot of information and good recommendations from friends
  • very good educational system
  • advanced country (in many ways)
  • beautiful and clean nature
  • different mentality
  • use of English


  • expensive – mainly services (transportation, …), alcohol, …
  • pretty cold winters
  • long darkness since autumn till spring


I was choosing between 2 cities – Tampere and Jyväskylä. I decided for the second one because of special double-degree program for IT students, which the local university JAMK University of Applied Sciences offers for only 2-3 universities in Europe including mine. The core is, that student is supposed to study 1 semester and have an internship for another one (in Finnish company or on a school project). After that it is possible to achieve Finnish bachelor degree. That wasn´t the main point for me, but I liked the combination of study and internship abroad.


Position of Jyväskylä


So… the decision is made, Jyväskylä is waiting!

I´m planning to also write some article in Czech about applying procedure on my university, so it can be easier for everybody to understand and imagine 🙂