Erasmus adventures in Jyväskylä, Finland

Northern lights / Aurora Borealis

First rainy day, 03.09.2015, just doing something inside my room and in the evening about one and half hour long walk in the forest… quite a boring day, isn´t it? But the night changed everything! 🙂

When I was coming to Finland, I certainly wanted to go to Lapland to (except others) see the northern lights. I thought it will be in November or December. What a surprise when I saw the message on a group chat with my friends saying: “Stop whatever you do and go to a dark place, now. There are Northern lights!!!!” I didn´t completely believe that, but I took a jacket and went outside. And there it was!

Few pictures from my friends:

At first it looked only as a cloud with a light behind, but after moving to the darker place and waiting some time, it was wonderful! I met one guy living here for 2 years and he told me that he has seen it already before, but never so nice that he would be able to take a picture of it. So we were really lucky.

I spent outside more than 2 hours just by waiting and watching and it was amazing! 🙂


Update (summer 2016):

First time seeing northern lights was amazing and very unique in central Finland. But it came again! And not just once 🙂 During 1 year I have seen Northern lights in total about 5 times in Roninmäki area and I missed few times because of traveling or sleeping (that happens quite often). But still it is really unique to see them here because of clouds (mainly!), being still far from North or just simply missing them. Here are some my of photos from February and April 2016.



Important links: – very good website which has information about northern lights and (especially) forecast

Mobile applications: I always use these two and also the website above. These are for Android only, but maybe they exist for iPhone as well.

Facebook group Aurora Hunters @ Jyväskylä, Finland is good to follow because people often report seeings, notify if the forecast seems promising, and discuss various things about Northern lights.