Erasmus adventures in Jyväskylä, Finland

After arrival

After arrival to Jyväskylä there are some things to do and places to visit. Here are some tips:

Door locks
Be careful about the door locks of your room! Why? They can lock themselves just by closing the door and if your key is inside, it can cost you up to 35€! But there is small switch (see the picture) on the lock. When it is in one position the door will lock every time when closed, in the another one they will never lock.

If you will be so lucky to lock your key inside, you can:

a) go to KOAS office for spare key (when the office is opened)
b) call the service company – somebody will come and it may cost you about 25€ during the day and 35€ in the night and weekends

Door lock

KOAS accommodation
If you have accommodation from KOAS, you should:

  • Visit KOAS office – Kauppakatu 11 A (, just to sign something + don´t forget to bring MAC address of your computer or router to set up internet in your room.
    • If you want to buy Wi-Fi router, it is possible in shop close to KOAS office. I think it´s called Multitronic at Gummeruksenkatu 6 ( Then just tell the MAC address of router to KOAS.
  • Check your room and flat carefully – when you should fill some initial faults report, take it responsively and really check everything thoroughly in your room and also whole apartment. Might be good to take pictures of bigger problems. All of this can be very useful after the final inspection, when person doing the inspection will report some problems (doesn´t know if it was there before or not) and if you neither mentioned them in the initial form, nor have any photos as evidence, you may end up paying for that 🙁


Public transportation card
If you want to use busses it is good to get it soon to save some money. More in next article about public transportation.

If you arrive in summer, it is definitely very good to have a bike and buy it fast when there are still some good and cheap ones. If you arrive in winter time, it´s up to you.

Storage rooms
Look to your flat´s storage room (if you have one) – I think in all the buildings in Roninmäki there are storage rooms. Usually in ground floor, they can be also in “civil shelters” (photo below) or just look for door with label “Varastokomerot”. You can find some useful equipment there after previous tenants 😉
Storage area


Go shopping for some equipment to your new flat – even if you have “survival kit”, it is always better to have a little more. Try to buy some stuff on well-working second-hand market, because it is much cheaper. The best place for that is Facebook group Second-Hand Items in Jyväskylä or some second-hand shop in the city center.

Look around your new temporary home – even it is summer or winter, it is always really nice to look around, see all the lakes, harbor, etc. 😉

Meet, talk and have fun with other people, because this is what your exchange stay is really about! Meeting new people at the beach of Myllyjärvi lake immediately after my arrival was amazing time! 🙂


Of course there are more things and places, but you will certainly figure out the rest on your own. If you have anything to say, own tips to add or so on, I will really appreciate if you will leave a comment below or just contact me on FB or personally 😉


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