Erasmus adventures in Jyväskylä, Finland

Cottage weekend

Weekend, 18 friends, 2 cottages in the middle of Finnish nature, still frozen lake, a lot of fun, … => AWESOME experience!! 🙂

Cottage weekend


Already from last semester I wanted to experience weekend on a cottage in Finnish nature to enjoy silence, wonderful sceneries, lake next to it and whole atmosphere. I finally got opportunity at the end of April and it was far better than I could possibly imagine!

Cottages were very nice, fully equipped and big (each for 9 people) close to Konnevesi national park and (of course) on a shore of a lake 🙂

Cottage Weekend


Lake was still frozen, which made me a bit sad at first, because we couldn´t go by boats to close islands, but in the end we had a lot of fun and after we broke the ice, I enjoyed ice swimming in Finland one more time 🙂 Just one thing to have in mind… when you break the ice, it is really very sharp 😉

When I sat on a pier (platform) above the lake, there was absolute silence all around. Only when I moved a bit, there was beautiful sound of cracking ice going far away on the lake. It was actually wonderful feeling to be for a moment alone in total silence on sun above a lake in the middle of Finnish nature 🙂

Frozen lake (a bit damaged after our ice swimming :-D )


We walked around a lot. Once we found wonderful kota, which is a small cottage in the middle of forest with fire place and some equipment, which you can freely use as far as you keep kota in original state.

Walking around



Weather was nice, but interesting… We actually experienced all 4 seasons during one weekend – sun shining like in summer, but still frozen lake and suddenly even snowing 😀

Interesting weather


Thanks to our Finnish friend Netta we could try Finnish game Mölkky (still almost impossible to pronounce correctly for me 😀 ), which was really nice and several of us want to take one back home.



After leaving cottages on Sunday we made a small trip to Konnevesi national park, which was full of beautiful nature, nice views, … and one interesting story about Otto 🙂

I think everybody who spends some longer time in Finland should experience weekend on a cottage like this, because according to me, it is one of the things, which helps you to understand Finland and its culture 🙂



Thanks Alice and Jürgen for the group photos and everybody for amazing weekend 🙂