Erasmus adventures in Jyväskylä, Finland

Lahti Pre-World Championships 2016

18. – 21.2.2016 the Lahti Pre-World Championships took place in Lahti, city not far from Helsinki, known mainly for these kind of cross-country skiing and ski jumping competitions. Just next year the World Championship will take place here.

We saw some cross-country skiing races and we were very excited about seeing ski jumping in real for the first time. First 2 jumpings that day were canceled because of bad weather, but we were lucky and next 2 were not canceled.

During ski jumping which we saw, Czech representants were really good with taking 4th (Koudelka), 14th (Janda) and 21st (Hlava) place from 69 in total. I found out that it worth to take Czech flag with me 🙂

Atmosphere was amazing also thanks to great Crowd Supporters – 2 guys which made fans go crazy and support the sportsmen. They were also playing famous songs from country of currently jumping participant, which was great! There were a lot of Polish fans, because they love ski jumping. We were extremely laughing when the comentators said: “So now everybody be silent, stop using the trumpets…” and after 5 seconds: “Nie trąbcie Polacy!” specially in Polish language.


Here are some photos and later also overal video.