Erasmus adventures in Jyväskylä, Finland


In March I finally got opportunity to visit another city, which I was thinking about already some time. Stockholm, capital of Sweden, is really beautiful city which worths visiting!


If you happen to get there, I certainly have to recommend you free guided tours. It´s amazing concept which I already tried in Tallinn and it was awesome also here in Stockholm. With my friends we took 2 tours – Old Town Tour and City Tour ( Both of them were nice walks full of very interesting information put in funny way.



Stockholm has a lot to offer. We came back to The Old Town several times. I would also recommend you to visit some of Stockholm museums (although I am personally not much museum guy), I really enjoyed Vasa museum. It is basically “really only about one ship”, but very interesting.


Vasa museum


Vasa, ship from year 1627, was supposed to be pride of Swedish navy… it sank after 20 minutes of its first voyage 😀 After resting over 300 years at the bottom of the sea it was salvaged and put into museum.

Another tips/spoilers: Nobel Prizes, Stockholm syndrome, beautiful architecture, royal palace and changing of the guards, viewpoints for seeing whole city from top, …