Erasmus adventures in Jyväskylä, Finland

Transportation in Jyväskylä

The main type of transportation of students in Jyväskylä is biking. You can use bike to go to school, trip and also to club 😀 Main benefits are that it´s cheap, relatively fast, it goes anytime and you will see nice sceneries 🙂

But still some people prefer to use local public transportation (mainly during winter), so here I would like to give you some basic information about how it works.


Prices and tarifs

  • Single ride – paying by cash to the driver, 3€, no student price, (should be valid for 1 hour)
  • Single ride from pre-paid card – 1,7€ for students (also should be valid for 1 hour)
  • Month ticket – 51€ for students

All the details can be found on official site:
Here translated by Google translator to English:

You can buy electronic card with credit or long-time tickets at Linkki office at Asemakatu 7 – inside Forum shopping mall (in the city center) next to the tourist information office (map: Recharging the card is possible at the same place or from the driver in bus.


Bus schedules

Here you can find online public transportation planner, which was very useful for me all the time:

You can also download Android mobile application, which works for more cities including Jyväskylä:

On some bus stops there are bus schedules, but doesn´t have to be. If there is a schedule, be careful, because written time doesn´t have to be from that specific stop, but for example from the city center (it should be written there). Probably because of this also times in online planner and application are not binding for busses (bus can leave a bit earlier).


Riding the bus 🙂

  • Wave to the bus when it is coming (meaning that you want to board it), otherwise it will just go along
  • Only enter by front door
  • Pay single ticket to driver or put your pre-paid card (with credit or long-time ticket) to the reader
  • Be careful where to leave the bus – it doesn´t stop on all the stops, so counting them is not a good idea 😀 Before you will know the city, GPS is very useful helper 😉
  • Before your final stop push the STOP button, otherwise you will enjoy longer ride and will explore the city 😀


Be careful, busses are not operating during the night, so be careful between 23-5. There can be some bus, but always rather check it 😉 And tickets are also more expensive during the night (but I´m not sure when exactly).

This is not the complete guide, so there are some other things to find out, but for basic idea it should be enough 🙂 I don´t know everything, so if you will find out something wrong, not precise or missing, just leave the comment or contact me (FB/personally).