Erasmus adventures in Jyväskylä, Finland

What not to forget?

Packing for semester or whole year in Nordic country and having no idea what not to forget? That´s completely normal 😉

Except obvious things, here´s a list of things you should not forget or should consider, which came up to my mind and also which some other people recommend.

As you are coming to Finland, basic general advice I can give you is: try to limit “I will buy it there”, because basically everything will be more expensive than in your country and you can rather use all the money you save for traveling or having fun 😉

  • Clothes
    • Warm clothes – it may sound funny, but especially for spring/summer semester, as the most cold months are January and February
    • Some under-pants might be very comfortable 🙂
    • Good shoes for winter and trips eventually sports
  • Medicines
    • Whatever you need
    • Also some basic stuff like vitamins (expensive here)
    • For dark winter with not much sunlight it is recommended to take vitamin D
  • Some food for first evening/night if you arrive late when shops are closed or you will just be tired
  • Ethernet cable, router (if you want to have Wi-Fi and not buy router here)
  • It can be really nice to have something traditional from your country (esp. food) – either for you when you will feel homesick, or for your friends
  • Luggage that can be used also for trips, like bigger backpack
  • Camera – for keeping some moments unforgettable and also wonderful sceneries
  • Sleeping bag – might be useful for traveling and before you will get some blanket


Some other tips or advices? Just write to comments or to me 😉